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Security System

A security system is a set of electronic devices and components that are designed to protect a property from unauthorized entry or other potential security threats. Security systems typically include a combination of sensors, cameras, alarms, and access control devices that work together to provide comprehensive protection for a property.
Security systems can provide a range of benefits, including peace of mind, protection against theft and property damage, and improved safety for occupants.

electrical plan may need to be modified during construction process


The electrician will ensure that all warranties are registered.


The electrician may provide maintenance recommendations


The electrician can provide upgrading electrical components

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SIMES other Services

Our electrical services are provided with care and attention to detail to ensure safety and reliability.it include electrical installations, repairs, maintenance, and safety inspections for both residential and commercial properties.

electric installation

Electric installation refers to process of installing electrical wiring, circuits, switches, and other components.


electrical safety inspection is to identify potential hazards and to recommend corrective actions.